At Blue Group Projects, we believe that great teamwork is essential to successful projects, and we have a stellar track record to prove it. A clear and transparent process right from the start ensures that everyone is always on the same page. We develop schedules that are realistic and achievable, with a detailed breakdown and scope of your project and deadlines that you can rely on.



Our knowledge of interpreting plans and intuitively understanding buildability, combined with our in depth understanding of building codes and their application within Education, Childcare, Health, Industrial and Workplace environments ensure that projects stay on planned schedule and are delivered on time, without disruption to business.


Our works are underpinned by the assembly of strong project teams. By engaging stakeholders in the decision making process to ensure that key milestones are met, we deliver on point and on schedule, with clearly aligned client expectations and results.

We are proud of the work that we've done over the last 18 years. We're not just builders - we understand the process intimately and are well versed with planning and regulatory requirements. Driven by reliability and efficiency, we prioritise adding value, with no hidden costs or strings attached.